what’s a Tar Shehnai? an Esraj? a Dilruba? Taus?

Dilruba is a 200-300 year old stringed instrument that looks like a smaller version of the Sitar, but is played with a bow like a Cello. Another appropriate description is “a Dilruba is Half a Sarangi and Half a Sitar”, as you can see from the videos on this site.

An Esraj is essentially the same as a Dilruba, except for a few minor differences: the shape of the soundbox, the position of the main playing string, and the way the resonating strings are arranged behind the playing string.

An Esraj becomes a Tar-Shehnai when a mechanical amplifier is hooked on to the main playing string to produce a high pitched Shehnai type sound. This is a relatively new development from the early 1900s.

The modern Taus is essentially an extra-large Dilruba which is constructed to artistically resemble a Peacock – which is what Taus means.

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3 thoughts on “what’s a Tar Shehnai? an Esraj? a Dilruba? Taus?”

  1. sat sri akaal to all.
    I m lucky nagi from patiala nowdays in delhi. Felt so happy after watching ur videos and recordings.And this is the best effert in stabilizing traditional method of singing Gurbani with tanti saajs.
    I also need ur help sir if u can. i have a little knowledge of music and raggas, but i m not in the touch of music. so jst need ur help to exicute what god has provided ma.

  2. Hi Manav,

    Just saw your blog. Commendable effort indeed!

    I’m just starting out on the Dilruba and your blog is a godsent.

    I’m from Singapore and travel regularly to Bangkok as my in-laws are there. Could we meet sometime.


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