Beginner Practice Exercises

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5 thoughts on “Beginner Practice Exercises”

  1. I think my “Beginner Practice exercises lesson” may have expired. Would it be alright if I had a few more days to use it? It is very helpful and the last exercise is important. Thanks.

    Lewis C.

  2. greetings, thanks for the lessons, a few questions out of curiosity:

    1. any particular reason why tivra Ma is used here and not shuddha for basic practice exercises?

    2. why not reverse the order of the groupings for the descending? so that the ascending remains the same, for eg:
    SRG , RGM , GMP , MPD , PDN , DNS.
    then the descending would be:

    the shuddha ma and the reverse descending order of groupings seem more natural to me, and this is how i was given vocal practice exercises at my music school in india several years ago. so just wondering if there was any particular reason to have it this way, or is any way fine, just as long as the practice is being done?


  3. Hi,

    I bought a dilruba a couple of months ago from Rikhi Ram, New Delhi, and I began to practice using your exercises three weeks ago.

    Well, I have a few questions. Can you help me?
    Here are my questions:

    I think my bowing results a very awful sound.
    May I send you a video so you can give me some advices of what am I doing wrong?

    What kind of rosin should I use for a dilruba? Can you tell me some adequate brand?

    Another thing that confuses me is that I never know when there is too much or too little rosin on the bow.
    How can I know that?
    How often should I use rosin?

    I am using steel string 0.13 for the main Ma string. Is it the usual gauge for this string?

    In the moment I’m not concerned about sympathetic strings. I’m focused in obtain a clear and steady sound bowing the main string.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  4. Hello this is avtar from California USA I have a question regarding dilruba I know my basic s r g m p d n s I had lots of practice on this do I start from beginners lessons? I don’t know about the notation never seen one please let me know thanks

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