Meend Exercises (Sliding)

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6 thoughts on “Meend Exercises (Sliding)”

  1. Dear Manav,

    Just to let you know, I finally managed to get that one Meend where you vibrate your arm by the bicept and forearm to make the note “Shiver”. It adds much beauty. Thanks for the lesson. The more I practice, the better the instrument is sounding. And by the way, I left a post somewhere about the Swar Systems software. I downloaded the demo and it’s very cool, after my newly built esraj comes from India, I am planning to buy the software. Check it out, it is very nifty.

    Be well,


  2. I shall endeavour to follow the lesson on MEEND exercises.

    1. The video does not show the Bow hand.
    2. I do not get as clear a sound as it is in the videos..Please advise


  3. Hello ji,

    When you play normally, without meend – do you get a clear sound?

    If YES then it’s simply a matter of making your clear bowing ‘automatic’ so you can focus your attention on your playing hand.
    The only way to do that is to practice bowing slowly until it becomes easy for you to play 4-5 notes in 1 bow. Then try the meends again.

    If you play normally and don’t get a clear sound – try changing your bow.
    Buy a Cheap Violin or Cello bow and try it.
    I’m using a Cheap Violin bow right now – works much better than my “original” Esraj bow.

    To get an idea of what Ustadji is doing with the bowing – just observe his forearm. You don’t really need to see his hand.

  4. Dear manav Jee SSA:

    (I do beg your pardon if I have your name wrong)

    Thankyou for a prompt reply. I appreciate it.

    I will follow your advice.

    I must confess I am a newbie at Israj. I do however Play the Sitar (barely), so I may be leaping ahead of myself, as I still cannot get past the scratching sound being produced by the bow, however, If I “BOW” slowly, I do get clear notes.

    I can eke out renditions of some Raags and filmi songs, but I realize I am leaning heavily on my experience with the Sitar.

    Would you have any lesson (s) on BOW tecniques that I may purchase from you.

    I also look forward to any advice you may have for me and which other lessons I should acquire from you.

    Please extend my SSA to USTADJI

    Thanking you
    Wahe Guru Jee Ka Khalsa..Sri Wahe Guru Jee Kee Fateh

    Jagmohan Singh
    Brig (Retd)

  5. Is the lesson Still Available ? I want to try Lesson 7 and 8 for intermediate level. Do you teach over Skype, Live? Is there any contact number that I can talk to you and setup online live or something else.

  6. Dear Manav,
    in the last two videos, ustadji gives us the sargam of what is being played, which is very helpful. i think it would be really helpful to know the sargam being played for the first two exercies as well. might it be possible for you to post this in the lesson or send me in a message?

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