Lesson: Composition in Raag Yaman : GRS.N

Composition in Raag Yaman –
level: Beginner

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6 thoughts on “Lesson: Composition in Raag Yaman : GRS.N”

  1. How do I know which Ni to play. In the notation it just says N which makes me think to play the 15th fret Ni, but when I watch him he plays the 6th fret Ni (I would think the 6th fret Ni would look like .Ni. Maybe I just missed something when I read the 75 day lesson on detailed tuning.

    Also on that note, how will I know when I’m suppose to play Dha komal vs Dha shudh, what will that look like, D_? Thanks in advance for the response.

  2. Hi – no problem at all – will do my best to explain.

    For this composition – We’re using all Shudh notes except Ma . Ma will be tivar .

    .Ni — the dot behind the letter means lower octave . So this will be the 6th fret.

    G. R. S. – dot after the letter means higher octave. These are frets 18 , 17 , 16 , in order .

    How to know when you’re supposed to play Dha komal vs Dha shudh:

    The system I learned was “capital letters for Shudh , small letters for komal. ( except Ma . ma shudh is small “m”, ma tivar is capital “M” ) “

  3. The Capital letters/Small letters difference in shown the Keyboard reference illustrations on the “tuning in detail page” – I’ll write it out clearly so it’s more obvious as well.

  4. When I look at the notes in the chart above, it says Ni without the dot making me thinking that same octave aka fret 15. But when I watch the video it seems like he is playing .Ni aka 6th fret. Is that just a typo in the above chart, or am I having difficulty seeing the difference in the video?

  5. it’s a typo – I remember having to manually add the dots because it didn’t paste from my spreadsheet.

    I’ve edited it a bit so it’s easier for you.

    .N – lower octave Ni
    S’ R’ G’ – higher octave Sa Re Ga
    ( ‘ instead of . to prevent confusion )

    if ever in doubt regarding notation vs video – always go by sound and video.

  6. Hi, I left another post on the “getting started page”…looking for notation for Rag Yaman but just found this….Yippie..sienna

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