Compound Meends & Murki

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5 thoughts on “Compound Meends & Murki”

  1. These are surely helpful but I do wish they could be played slower so the actual process is shown. I get it, but I find that it is easier to learn something slowly, then speed it up.


  2. Dear Manav,

    I seem to be having the most difficult time creating a sustaining a vibrato. Part of it is that I am paralyzed and to play I must sit in bed with the esraj at a slight angle. Perhaps if the instrument were more perpendicular it would be easier, but still the hand movement seems awkward. Also, Murkti seems really difficult to understand and execute as well. Any chance in future you could video some lessons about the arm, parts of the arm that move, muscles that do the work and slow versions of the lessons?

    Thanks again,

    Lewis Carlino

  3. Dear Manav,

    I seem to be making very slow progress with vibrato. But here seems to be the main problem. When I’m attempting vibrato from S up I seem to be vibrating or moving the string vertically instead of diagonally up and down, quickly along the string. Does this make sense? And the further up I go, from G and M and P and above, it gets harder and harder to move my finger “along” the string, back and forth, very quickly. I seem to be just bouncing the whole string about, wiggling it. It still makes a quasi-vibrato sound, but not a true vibrato. The lower I get from S down to lower N, D P its very easy. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  4. Hi Lewis ,

    How about if you try this

    Play N S’ r’ S’ N
    (Ni shudh, high Sa and high re komal)
    by sliding back and forth – don’t stop at any particular note.

    Bring your elbow close to your body + lock your bicep, tricep, elbow, and wrist .. relax everything else.

    Do it slowly, at your own pace – until you are satisfied you’re not shifting the string from side to side.

    then slowly close the gap in small increments …
    play the same thing but don’t really touch N or R’ . once you’re comfortable – close the gap further and further
    until you’re able to slide your hand up and down the string very slightly around the note you intend to play.

    you’ll get it eventually – there’s no doubt .

    do keep me updated,

  5. until you’re satisfied you’re not shifting the string from side to side too much **
    it will shift , but try to minimize it enough to get the sound you want .

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