So Kim Manas Roop Kahaye – tune

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Recording of Me attempting to play the tune for “So Kim Manas Roop Kahaye(right click and choose (SAVE LINK AS))– composition heard sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh / Bhai Gurmeet Singh . This is another one of my all time favorite compositions – Find it and buy it if you don’t have it. The original is AMAZING to listen to.

Raag Alhaiya Bilawal

Taal supposed to be Tintaal – Punjabi Theka – but I’m not exactly playing according to any beat. Was more focused on getting the Expression to match my memory of Bhai Baljeet Singh / Bhai Gurmeet Singh’s version.
I’m pretty sure I can play it in beat too , I’ll just have to record myself playing tabla for 10 mins and play it back while playing Dilruba.

I made a few mistakes here and there , and my ending is clearly the wrong Raag ? but hey – I’m still sorta happy with it.

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