Bhoopali at a World Music Festival

Ajarn* Maiya Singh Ji was invited to play at the “Rhythm of the Earth” world music festival – at Central World , Bangkok – May 2008.

Satpal Singh Ji (Ustadji’s nephew) is on Tabla.
the Thai word for “Teacher”/”Ustad” is Ajarn – pronounced aa-charn

Raag Bhoopali – Tintaal




Kindly excuse my playing – looking back at the video: I think my playing took more away from the music than it did add … oh well – we had zero practice as a group before the event, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it too much eh?
Ustadji and Satpal Singh were awesome though!
We were initially given 1 hour stage time and were planning to play Raag Yaman. On the day, we were requested to cut it down to 20 mins due to various time constraints. Ustadji wanted to switch to Bhoopali, thinking that it would be easier for an audience unaccustomed to Classical Indian Music to digest and enjoy. my opinion: Good Decision !

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2 thoughts on “Bhoopali at a World Music Festival”

  1. How can I miss it… It’s a pity
    I was in Bangkok…

    Please can you send me contact number of Raja

    I hope this time it will work out

    My name is Max, I’m from Ukraine
    Together with my friend Andrey we are amator musiciens with strong interest in indian classical music

    Andrey plays tabla and many other tipe of drums, I love esraj and bansuri. Also I play afghan rubab and was surprised to see sikhs playing it on one of your clips.

    I will be back to Bangkok 2 june and I hope to restore connection with Raja. Hope also meet you one day.

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