Esraj Instrumental – Album 1 , 2008

Instrumental .mp3 recordings of my Ustad, Maiya Singh ji, on Esraj. Plus some background experimentation by me.

The tracks have not been given any fancy made-up names. The names you see below are the names of the Raags (Ragas) used.

The suffixes 7bt , 11bt, 10bt indicate the number of beats in the rhythm cycle used.

If you’re new to Indian classical music – this album should give you a basic sense of the variety, complexity, spontaneity, and spirituality present. Maiya Singh ji’s playing style is particularly expressive.

I think all the tracks are also great for when you want to focus, relax, or sleep.

My personal favorites are Raag Megh -10 beat & Raag Alhaiya Bilawal – 10 beat.

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All audio tracks are for personal use only.
If you would like to use any of the tracks or part of the tracks as components in a personal project you are doing – please include a link to This page in your credits.
If you would like to use any or part of the audio tracks in a commercial project – please leave a comment and you will be contacted.

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20 thoughts on “Esraj Instrumental – Album 1 , 2008”

  1. Just purchased this selection of recordings. IT ROCKS!! How does anyone accompany the sound of an esraj without becoming completely paralyzed by it? Well done!

  2. This album is just AMAZING!
    It’s very soothing and peaceful.
    I enjoy listening at work
    as it really helps me to focus
    and shut off any distractions.
    Each song also has its own uniqueness,
    bhoopali is my favourite.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much, never have i listened to music with such harmony. No matter where i go or what i do i will have these mp3’s in my ipod.

    Manav i appreciate the link.

  4. Your music is excellent my friend, but it’s not letting me download them, i click them and it plays them with quicktime, i right click and it only saves as a php file, can you help?

  5. I am south Indian, never knew about this instrument before. Love this collection! Very soothing and peaceful!!!

  6. thank you for sharing this music that resonates so deeply in the heart. just downloaded, and cant wait to listen again and again. beautiful

  7. Hi
    I am getting this message belwo when trying to download your beautiful music.Is there a problem? Many thanks

    “Not Found

    “sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.!

  8. There seems to be a problem with the software update I installed – working on getting it fixed asap.
    thanks for pointing it out.

  9. This album is simply incredible! I have downloaded all. All the Ragas are so very relaxing and soothing to mind and body. My favourites in the list are : Raag bhoopali & Sham Kalyan

  10. this music is amazing. i have neve heard it before. Takes me to another planet. Will you be playing in the U.K? if you do please let me know.

  11. For some reason I am unable to download any of these files. This is the message I receive. “Forcing the download of externally hosted files is not supported by this server.” Can anyone help?

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