Jam Session with Baba Wadbhag Singh Nihang

Awesome Jam Session in Malaysia

Wadbhag Singh Ji singing
In some tracks- Hargopal Singh Ji is on Tabla, in others , I am.
Kindly forgive my tabla playing – “tripped” too many times.

Also Please pardon any mistakes and “commentary” – It was an extremely casual practice session which just happened to be recorded. It was not intended as a proper recording as such.
The audio has not been edited.

Please only Right click and choose “SAVE AS” to save to your computer.
Do not let it stream from this site.








I have 3-4 more files. Will upload soon.

** Do not re-post these files on any other Kirtan-sharing websites –
why? they
1) are private
2) too casual
3) and full of mistakes **

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  1. Manav,
    Lots of artistic license which is fine but in case anyone is wondering and had a double take while hearing Shabad 5, it is just the popular shabad “Meri abhai benti sun leeja.”

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