Practice Session with Arungeet Kaur

Practice session for an upcoming program. – These files are actually just for me to learn the compositions.
I was told that I am not allowed to share these – but replied with a ” sorry Didi, not possible – I’m putting these up. ” So here they are.

Arungeet Kaur - P - Satgur Moorat Ko Bal Jaao (1231) Arungeet Kaur - P - Sun Sajjan Preetam Mereya (1036) Arungeet Kaur - P - Tum Ho Sabh Rajan Ke Raja (1145) Arungeet Kaur - P - Sajanra Mera Sajanra (1052) Arungeet Kaur - P - Tu Sabni Thaaie (1082)

Arungeet Kaur - P - Mai Charey Kunda Bhaalia (1052) (ends abruptly just before Didi’s son is about to make a very loud exclamation as he suddenly enters the room)

please SAVE AS to your computer and not let it download-on-the-fly (stream) as you listen each time. And please do not upload these files at any of the major Kirtan sharing websites. Why? Too casual / Practice session.

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4 thoughts on “Practice Session with Arungeet Kaur”

  1. the best voice i ever heard in my entire life,

    the 1 track was the best
    please post more trackes
    also you guys should come out with a album.

  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

    An amazing voice Bhenji Arungeet Kaur! These tracks are beatiful and fantastic!!! the saaj sounds beatiful too!!
    Please post more tracks, I also agree with Bhaaji above you should make an album!!!!

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

  3. the best voice i ever heard in my entire life,

    Amazing voice, and accompaniment on esraj just sweetens the vocals.

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