Audio Recorded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – for the 300 Saal Guru De Naal program. Shabad: Tu Thakur Tum Pai Ardaas

Didi (*is a casual title given to females you consider your sister) Arungeet Kaur is singing. We were blessed to have Sahib Singh, KL Malaysia Wale, on tabla. Several people told me he’s the best Tabalchi among Sikhs in Malaysia – I believe them. He didn’t do much fancy stuff in this recording as we had just met. He did a lot more in the following days after we requested he go all-out.

I’m using my friend Bakshish’s Esraj. It’s a RajMusicals teak wood Esraj.. smaller size than mine.  I had to borrow it becuase mine came with a cardboard box, and he has a proper hard case. I didnt want to risk taking mine on the plane.

Imagine, he LET me borrow it. Bro, if you read this, know that I’m very grateful, really.

As usual, kindly pardon my mistakes.

Ok here’s the file already: [download#19]
SAVE AS to your computer please – do not let it stream off this site.

Practice for an upcoming program.

I just learned this Guldasta from Aruna Didi (Arungeet Kaur).

Guldasta = a Raag Mala = More than 1 Raag is used in the composition.  It’s not like “Mishr” though, because you are not bending the rules of the Raag.

In this particular composition, every line is set to a different Raag.  Anyone care to guess + list which ones are used ?

I’ve got a lot more practice to do – I keep missing notes. It’s very confusing and it’s in a different scale from the one I’m accustomed to using.

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  1. listening to the vocals made the 2 that i missed so much more obvious! what a brilliant voice arungeet kaur has!

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