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  1. I understand the need for a google account in order to “unlist the video”, but because I have not learned anything from the lessons may I just use youtube in order to share my video?

  2. @Jayrr1
    that’s * very * impressive for 6 days.

    your hand position on the playing string is perfect

    bowing will come with practice – try different things – gripping the bow more tightly or tilting it so it slides along the string at different angles … or tilting the dilruba inwards a bit .. etc .. see what works for your particular instrument.

    just keep listening and playing – you’ll pick up real quick.
    learn about notations in indian classical music – that’s all you need really

  3. I appreciate it! I have been learning about the notations and also I have already learned a few raags! Thanks again!

  4. So if I took the class “The basics of counting beats” would it really help me to play along with a tabla set?

  5. Playing along with tabla – you’re better off buying RiyazStudio and just practicing playing along to the different taals.

    The beat counting lesson is more for someone who wants to increase “listening appreciation” from basic all the way up to very advanced levels — advanced like being able to keep up with beats with fractions.
    + it’s good for someone who wants to be able to design their own Tihais.

  6. @Jayrr1

    Once you feel you’ve reached a plateau and are unable to copy what you hear further — check out the exercises on this site.
    They’ll help you break down what you hear into manageable pieces … and you’ll be able to put the exercises together to copy what you hear very closely.

    for now .. listen + copy is good .

  7. hi i dont know if this is the place to ask this but im currently living in bangkok and im looking for a sitar teacher im an absolute beginner thx in advance for any answers —greg

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