Playing in Different Scales without re-Tuning

Imagine, it is 1 year from now, you have developed your skills by leaps and bounds and are in demand as a Dilruba player.
You are invited to a Youth Kirtan* program (*religious music).
You have been requested to play Dilruba for all 10 Jathas (groups) performing that day.
From experience, you know that if there are 10 Jathas in the line-up, you’re going to have to re-tune your instrument at least 7 or 8 times to match their scale and Raag.
Which means you’re going to extend the 2 hour program by approximately 25 minutes, just by having to re-tune your instrument over and over again.
Interested in a more efficient idea?
It’s better if you practice this exercise early on – you will also find a very interesting use for these exercises when you get more advanced.

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