Gurmit Singh Shaant with Ustadji Maiya Singh

Kirtan Program at my place in Bangkok, Thailand
15 Jan 2009

Bhai Sahib Gurmit Singh Shaant
Ustadji Maiya Singh on Esraj
Bhai Manjit Singh on tabla – he’s using the big tabla that sounds like a Phakavaj, but a regular Duggi.

in 3 raags and 3 different Taals: Panj Taal 15bt, Ik Taal 12bt, and Tin Taal 16bt.
Shabad + Meaning: Basant Chariya Phooli Banraie.

I think it’s Raag Bihagra. Roopak 7bt.
Shabad + Meaning: Ratte Ishq Khudaaie Rang Didaar Ke

Raag Tilang. Tintaal 16bt.
Shabad + Meaning: Meera Daana Dil Soch

Thumri . Sounds like it’s based on Raag Patdeep – but he uses every note and every combination of notes possible. Too good!
Shabad + Meaning: Har Bin Bail Birani Huihai

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