Raag Sarang and Raag Tilang

I’ve been working on different bowing exercises for a few weeks now.
Recorded myself playing Raag Sarang recently. This composition is the one I was taught (By Ustadji Maiya Singh) about 4 years ago for the Shabad Aisi Hoi Paree

I think it’s a bit too rushed.

Tried again with Raag Tilang after a couple of days. This is what I remember from Bhai Avtar Singh Ji’s CD Set: 31 Ragas .. Shabad: Halle Yaara Halle Yaara Khushkhabri. May not be entirely accurate as I didn’t look it up before recording, but I’m quite happy with it.

As far as I know, the version of Raag Sarang in the first video is called Brindabani Sarang. ( which means other variants of Sarang also exist ).

Raag Tilang in the second video, I think, is not entirely correct either – so let’s just say it’s semi-classical eh? 🙂 Dha Shudh and Re shudh were used for embellishments – I’ve been told that they should be avoided if you’re playing the proper, classical Raag Tilang.

Anyway, the point I want to make is: did you notice that Raag Sarang and Raag Tilang are similar?
By my estimates, the rules and structure for both Raags are 95% identical ; the key difference being ONE note.

Used the Iphone to record these two videos – I wont be doing so again, volume is a little too low.

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