Lessons: Update

The basic structure of the system I will be using to serve online workshops has been put in place.
No obligations. Learn what you want, when you want, if you want.
But please carefully read through the “learn-online” page at the top first.

There are 3 free lessons up for beginners who have some experience with the Indian system of music , have had some contact with Dilruba / Esraj before, and want to just ‘figure it out’.

* Detailed Lesson on tuning for people with no previous knowledge of the Indian music system is complete for now, but may be added on to based on your questions.
It includes an introduction to the Indian notation system with nice illustrations and simple video demonstrations + detailed illustration for tuning + high quality audio of my Esraj being tuned.

1 workshop to build your note-matching skills and develop your ability to play from any scale ( A#, C#, D# ) without retuning have been put up.
1 workshop consisting of Exercises for Beginners has been put up.
1 Intermediate workshop (Meends) has been put up.
1 Composition in Raag Yaman / Tintaal for beginners – It’s a nice fun composition you can use as a Shaan. It will also challenge your accuracy as you try to play it at faster and faster speeds.

Lessons for proper sitting position and proper hand placement on the playing string are also in the queue.
By Proper – I don’t mean right or wrong. I simply mean, Ustad Piara Singh -> Ustad Baljeet Singh -> Ustad Maiya Singh — their style… which is the TarShehnai or Gayaki (Singing) style.
This is a big deal – because it took me a very long to get it right. Once you do, playing embellishments and adding ‘mithaas’ (sweetness) to your music becomes much easier.

More content will be organized and put up on an ongoing basis.
See the Lessons section on the right – to get a list of what is currently available.

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5 thoughts on “Lessons: Update”

  1. hi
    i appreciate very much your intention.I write songs and i sing,i singo also in the overtone mode.My intention is to learn to play dilruba or esraj or taus…as i have to decide wich one is for me and buy it.I try to understand the difference between them,i love the Taus but maybe it not very transportable…I would like to find some instrument to try them or to hear them here in Rome Italy.Do you know the instrument from Vikram A.S.Enterprises?Or do you know other site to buy good piece of these kind instruments?
    I would like to have the chance to learn to play some calm piece,and to share the message i hold in my soul.
    Om mani pedme hum

  2. Hi Manav,

    Thanks for planning to upload instructional stuff.. I would appreciate if various exercises to improve finger speed and bow control be added. Stuff that will actually make a good daily Reaz on Dilruba, esraj or taus.

    Also if possible, how to improve vocals using dilruba, esraj or taus..


  3. I am waiting at the edge of my seat for this lessons to come up. Especially for basics on playing and proper tuning. (I have a digital tuner but am still thinking I’m not tuning it properly). Also I am trying to figure out how to do the meend or slurring of the notes properly. It doesn’t seem to be as simple as just moving from one note to the other. Thanks! can’t wait!

  4. hello paa ji
    can u send some lessons in my email ?
    i would really appreciate it if u do as i love playing dilruba which is similar to esraj and tarshehnai
    hope u full fill my request
    thank you

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