Buying an Esraj


A lot of people still ask me about information on things to consider when buying an Esraj or Dilruba.
I already have a post up, but it’s quite old so you have to actually SEARCH for it.
I figured I should put up a direct link for everyone here.

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5 thoughts on “Buying an Esraj”

  1. I very much appreciate all your posts. Thank you. I’m currently looking for a dilruba and look forward to taking some of your courses. Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages to getting an instrument with mechanical tuners for the sympathetic strings instead of the traditional wooden pegs? Would you recommend the mechanical tuners? Many thanks for all your help and inspiration.

  2. I’m very sorry, I just read your article on buying an esraj where you do recommend the mechanical tuners. No need to reply to my previous post. Thank you.

  3. Has anyone bought anything from the Ebay user Exotic Hub? I’m thinking about buying a Dil Ruba from them, They have excellent feedback, ppl commenting saying how great the quality and sound is, also the price looks pretty good and shipping is free! btw, it’ll be my first Dil Ruba, so just looking at getting a starter one, not too pricey.

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