Bhai Gurmit Singh Shant – In Bangkok 2010

I got the chance to accompany Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shant during his visit to Bangkok.

to download – Right click the link(s) below and choose the option to ‘SAVE AS’

File 1: 2 Shabads.
#1 Semi-Light Raag – I don’t know what it’s called.
#2 Raag Malhar
[download id=”48″]

File 2: Raag Asa
[download id=”49″]

2 more files from 22nd August 2010
There are Shabads in Raag Bilaval, Raag Vadhans, and more.
[download id=”50″]
[download id=”51″]
I could barely keep up with him – but really enjoyed the attempt. Bhai Sahib sang beautifully.

New Recording from 29 August 2010. Raag Bilaval , Raag Soohi.
Bhai Sahib used a Surmandal instead of his vaja – the overall effect is much nicer if you compare it with the previous recordings.
[download id=”57″]

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