Here’s a little tribute to my favorite recordings of the magnificent, incomparable, Ragi Samund Singh Ji.

My little recording is a mish-mash of Raag Bin Shadja with obvious hints of Rag Hameer (but avoiding MA tivar). Some subtle hints of Raga Bilawal also showed up.

Aside from in old school Kirtan, Taal Firodust – 14 beats – is not commonly heard in Indian Classical music anymore. It was challenging to get the hang of, but was very rewarding once I was able to.

Make sure you’ve got good headphones on.

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2 thoughts on “Firodust”

  1. wow, this is amazing. I heard part of it then it stopped. any chance on getting a mp3 of this so I can learn it?
    I love the off beat sound of the 14….

  2. Me again, i got it to play and i recorded it from my field recorder so i can attempt to figure out what you’re doing. I love the feeling that you invoke with this recording.
    Much appreciation and gratitude,

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