Indian Classical Music Lessons Online

Would you be keen on learning “Indian Classical Music Appreciation 101” ?

Maybe you want to understand what’s so great about Classical Kirtan.

And since all our Spritual Guidance is written in various languages, all to music…
Maybe music is the gateway to learn about Sikh history, culture.. even the language and script.

Think about the kids!

Are they connected to the Punjabi culture at all? Can they relate to it? Or are they only dancing to despacito? ( sigh .. yuck )

Do you need to conduct Sunday Class at the Gurudwara?
Want something interesting to share with your young audience?

You know you need to play games with them to entertain and then sneak in a few lessons.

Don’t you want to introduce your young audience to the kind of music that our Spiritual Guidance was written to?
It’s a great way to get them to remember, and then sneak in some history lessons, some vocabulary. (history and spiritual vocabulary not covered in this course)

You could share with them:

What is a Raag?
How do Raags work? What’s interesting about them?
Why are they written in all the Titles, but never used nowadays?

What’s a Taal? How they work.
How Indian Taals can be so much cooler than western music.
The (quite simple) math behind the Taals.

Games to learn Taals.
Games to learn to recognize Raags.

I’m planning a re-do, a brand new production, of the online music lessons.

What’s going to happen is, they’ll be completely redone in up-to-date 2017 quality standards. You, will be able to access the courses on multiple devices.

  • your iPhone
  • your iPad
  • your Apple TV! (4th gen or higher)
  • your Android phone
  • of course as well as the computer via web browser

You’ll be able to go through the lesson on one device, and pick up on another later – right where you left off. All synchronized.

I’d really appreciate some feedback about this:


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