• To massively contribute to increasing the performance standards of Spiritually Charged Music by average people around the world.
  • To make the practical study of Indian Classical Music accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.
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    pronunciation: “Har” is pronounced like the first syllable in the word “Hurry”.    Sangeet is pronounced “Sun””geet” – where geet rhymes with beat.

    “Har” means All or Every. It is a word often used to refer to Universal Energy / God / Source.

    Sangeet means music.


    HarSangeet.com is a practical resource for learning Indian Classical Music online, where you can learn to play a stringed instrument in the Dilruba Family : Dilruba, Esraj ( Israj ) , TarShehnai , or Taus

    Fun Fact: Your Ustad Lineage will be Ustad Piara Singh – Bhai Baljeet Singh – Maiya Singh Ji . Which means your technique and style, which is the Gayaki (singing) style of playing, will be built based on theirs.

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    1. Hello, I was just wondering when the website will be up and running? I am very excited to learn. I think what you are doing is great.

    2. I am also very excited for this website to come up. Please email me as I have a couple questions I want to ask you about the Esraj and/or Dilruba. Thanks!!

    3. Dear Sir
      I would like to download for my Ipod your tunes.
      I see no results.
      Could you help me to have a whole library working?
      Waiting your comments
      All is bliss

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