Lessons – Beginner

Beginner’s Workshop:

Getting started on your way to ENJOY playing Esraj, TarShehnai, Dilruba or Taus.

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Learning Raags #1 – Yaman

Learning different Raags – #1 Raag Yaman

Counting Beats, Taals, Tihais, Chakkardars

Learn how Taals work , Learn how to count Beats – including the more complex beats with fractions.
Learn how Tihais work and how to create your own.

Tuning – in Detail

Tuning - in Detail

If you’re starting from scratch and have NO knowledge of the Indian Music system yet,
this workshop will help you
* Get Familiar with the Indian Notation System – Illustrations and Videos provided
* Tune your instrument – detailed Illustration & Audio reference provided

We understand that you’re new at this, so for this workshop the Time Limit is: 75 days
to make sure you have PLENTY of time to get your questions answered.

Beginner: Getting Started on Esraj

Things you need to know if you’re brand new at this.

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Beginner: Tuning

Basic information and demonstration on Tuning your Esraj or Dilruba.

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