Learning Raags #1 – Yaman

As music enthusiasts, we are very lucky that we live in an age where we have access to so many performances by great musical masters on the Internet.
Youtube is an amazing resource if you know how to learn from it.

Lets learn Raag Yaman / Raag Kalyan by lisening to some recordings, keeping our ears tuned, and picking out patterns.

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Counting Beats, Taals, Tihais, Chakkardars

From my experience, many people get impatient with themselves when they listen to Indian Classical Music because they don’t understand what’s going on.
It’s actually very easy to understand if you ask the right people.
Even if you have NO clue about the technicalities of what Raag is being played, I think you can thoroughly enjoy a performance if you can follow the beat.
I know that’s how I started.

This workshop is for you if you

  • * want to understand how Taals work in the Indian system of music
  • * as a listener, want to be able to count the beats so you know what’s going on – you’ll enjoy all the Indian Classical Music concerts you attend from now on because you can follow the beat. You’ll appreciate the millions of Indian Classical Music videos on Youtube much much more.
  • * easily learn to count the more complex cycles – like Vilambit (VERY slow) ektaal… and beats with fractions like “10 3/4 (10.75) beats” —– apply the same concepts when you listen to any other Vilambit taal or other cycles with 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 fractions.
  • * Learn how Tihais and Chakkardaars work so you can enjoy them more
  • * and Finally: learn a very simple system for creating your own Tihais

Everything in this workshop will be explained it to you in a way that’s straightforward, practical, and simplified as much as it can be.

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Cost: 18USD . You will have access to the content for 150 days.

We think 150 days is plenty of time for you to Really 'get' the lessons in this particular workshop. It will be our responsibility to make sure you get answers to your questions + feedback within the given time limit.

Tuning – in Detail

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Cost: 10.00USD . You will have access to the content for 75 days.

We think 75 days is plenty of time for you to Really ‘get’ the lessons in this particular workshop. It will be our responsibility to make sure you get answers to your questions + feedback within the given time limit.

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Beginner: Getting Started on Esraj

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Beginner: Tuning

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