Lessons – Compositions

Workshops consisting of compositions for you to learn.
* as Shaans before a Kirtan performance.
* as Gats for a purely musical gathering / jam session.

Lesson: Composition in Raag Yaman : GRS.N

Composition in Raag Yaman. ” GRS.N ”

Useful as a Shaan before Starting a Kirtan program
or a Gat for a purely Musical gathering / Jam session.

Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: You can play notes on your Esraj clearly , You know the Indian Notation system , You understand how rhythmic cycles work.

Notations provided.

Cost: US$13
Access Duration: 45 days.

Meend Exercises (Sliding)

4 Exercises to help you develop your skills with different Meends.

Level: Intermediate

These same exercises are superb for voice training as well.

Cost: US$21
Access Duration: 40 days