Lessons – Exercises

Workshops consisting of Practice Exercises to help you develop your technique.

Playing in Different Scales without re-Tuning

Playing in Different Scales without re-Tuning

Expected Results for this workshop:
Tune your instrument so switching scales is easy.
Train yourself to be able to play from any SA setting – without re-tuning your instrument.
Improve your note-matching skills , for accompaniment.

Compound Meends & Murki

this workshop contains
2 exercises for slightly more complex meends you can use as embellishments
1 exercise to practice producing Murkis
and 1 exercise for Vibrato

Level: intermediate

Cost: $19

Beginner Practice Exercises

5 Exercises to develop your speed and accuracy.
1 Exercise to help with bowing speed.
These will also be appreciated later on when you want to add creative, improvised sargams to a composition you are playing.

Skill level: Beginner
(after about 1 month of getting used to your instrument and being able to play the basic exercises provided earlier)

Access Duration:41 days.

Meend Exercises (Sliding)

4 Exercises to help you develop your skills with different Meends.

Level: Intermediate

These same exercises are superb for voice training as well.

Cost: US$21
Access Duration: 40 days

Exercises to Get you Started

Basic Bowing and & Sargam in Raag Yaman

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