Raag Asa : Shaan + Shabad Tune

One of my favorite tunes. Very very difficult to memorize.
I heard the tune from the Shabad Track: “Gur Kunji Pahu Nival” sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh at least 50-60 times.
Even then I memorized it incorrectly.
So my teacher has played it slowly for me to be able to catch the nuances.

Here’s a modified tune for “Gur Kunji Pahu Nival” (I wanted to sing a different Shabad to this composition) – in Raag Asa. Amazingly Sweet Tune.

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Raag Khamaj – Ustad Bismillah Khan

Ustadji Maiya Singh playing a tune he said he often used for practice when he was younger.

If you noticed: the phone rang towards the end of the recording. ? heheh

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Tar Shehnai / Esraj (Dilruba) – Raag Kalyan

Maiya Singh, My Ustadji, playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan.

Recording was made mainly for practice purposes.

Not bad for someone who just plays this on the spot without any recent practice eh?

The instrument is a Tar Shehnai, which is an Esraj + a horn that produces the sweet, high pitched sound.

An Esraj (similar to Dilruba) is a hybrid Sarangi + Sitar.

If you noticed: I fumbled the taal at one point because I started concentrating on what my teacher was playing, but he adjusted what he was playing to fit my mistake in.

Advanced listeners will notice instantly ?

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Maiya Singh – TarShehnai – Song

Maiya Singh
Testing out a friend’s new TarShehnai. Playing a song in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan/Kalyaan.
The song is : Bhuli Hui Yaadein ( It’s pretty old – 1960s or something )

I’m on tabla.

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Maiya Singh – TarShehnai – Bandish

Maiya Singh
Testing out a friend’s new Tar-Shehnai
Playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan/Kalyaan
The Bandish is called: Pal Pal Mori

What’s a Bandish? It’s a composition / musical piece / tune . Basically the chorus and the verses are somewhat set, and the musician can improvise in between them.

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