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Here’s a little tribute to my favorite recordings of the magnificent, incomparable, Ragi Samund Singh Ji. My little recording is a mish-mash of Raag Bin Shadja with obvious hints of Rag Hameer (but avoiding MA tivar). Some subtle hints of Raga Bilawal also showed up. Aside from in old school Kirtan, Taal Firodust – 14 […]

Shamsheer berehna maang gazab

Classical Song in Raag Hameer.

Rohanpreet Singh’s Kirtan Program

Rohanpreet Singh – Kirtan Recordings

Indian Classical Music with BeBot on the iPhone

I love this little app for the iPhone. Here’s why: Raag Malkauns – heard from Ustad Bismillah Khan. This same tune is often heard on “Wedding Shehnai” type Cds – (most likely played by Ustad Bismillah Khansahib as well).


I like this tune – It’s GREAT practice for learning how to use different instances of a Sur in the same composition. It’s TOUGH ( for me anyway ) – forces me to try and stay sharp … which . as you can see I’m not quite there yet. I also tried converting it from […]

3 More Audio Files

Someone asked me to record some audio files for a project – but did not use them. Feel free to download them.

Raag Bilawal

This particular composition is the tune for the Shabad “Tere Gun Gavan Deh Bujhayee” . I accompanied Beant Singh, Birmingham Wale on Tabla as he sang this in a casual, private ( 3 persons ) , Kirtan session at the GNNSJ Gurudwara on SOHO Road in Birmingham. It’s been stuck in my head ever since […]

Tune in Dadra Taal

Heard this on youtube a week ago from a Dharna sung by Sant Sujan Singh ji . ( 4:14 onwards ) Apparently the tune’s originally from an old hindi film. I like it , so I tried playing it.

Kesariya Balam Aao Ni Padharo Mare Des

I first heard this Rajasthani Folk tune sung on SaReGaMaPa 2007 by Raja Hassan. Fantastic Tune, and Fantastic singing. Here’s what I could manage to play after re-listening to it just twice. I added my own random alaaps and mistakes Personally I’m happier with the Audio recording in my previous post, but this still feels […]

RiyazStudio is definitely worth it.

I bought a RiyazStudio license over the weekend. I think it’s definitely worth it. The best thing is that it feels alive compared to the physical Tanpura and Tabla boxes. The Tanpura sounds very realistic. The Shruti-box type drone helps add to the atmosphere. Tabla accompaniment works great as expected. It’s a great tool for […]

Raag Sarang and Raag Tilang

I’ve been working on different bowing exercises for a few weeks now. Recorded myself playing Raag Sarang recently. This composition is the one I was taught (By Ustadji Maiya Singh) about 4 years ago for the Shabad Aisi Hoi Paree I think it’s a bit too rushed. Tried again with Raag Tilang after a couple […]


Update: Audio Recorded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – for the 300 Saal Guru De Naal program. Shabad: Tu Thakur Tum Pai Ardaas Didi (*is a casual title given to females you consider your sister) Arungeet Kaur is singing. We were blessed to have Sahib Singh, KL Malaysia Wale, on tabla. Several people told me he’s […]

New High-Tech Stringed Instruments

I’ve shared this with a few friends some time ago on instant-messenger/facebook. New Style – but Ancient Looking – Stringed Instruments by Peter Biffin of Australia. I am blown away.   The “Tarhu” sounds like a Cello/Violin/Esraj all in one. Maybe I’m just a little over-excited about this at the moment, but I currently think […]

Some clips from the “East Meets West” event

From the Classical bit: When we all jammed together:

Jam Session with Baba Wadbhag Singh Nihang

Awesome Jam Session in Malaysia Wadbhag Singh Ji singing In some tracks- Hargopal Singh Ji is on Tabla, in others , I am. Kindly forgive my tabla playing – “tripped” too many times. Also Please pardon any mistakes and “commentary” – It was an extremely casual practice session which just happened to be recorded. It […]