Relaxing Tune in Raag Megh

As mentioned in the title, the tune is based on Raag Megh, but Mishr due to the occasional Dha – not counting the Ga note touched by mistake.

Mishr* – means “joined” or in this context: “mixed”.

I have observed: when there are embellishments added to a composition which don’t fit in with the generally accepted rules of that Raag, people will add Mishr to the name of the Raag. For example, when announcing what she will be singing, a performer may say Raag Mishr Darbari instead of Raag Darbari if she will be bending the rules.
Performers will also often say “this is a semi-classical piece based on Raag Darbari.”

There are also more elaborate and creative Raag mixes used in traditional Sikh music. One example from our Gurbani is Raag Gauri bhi* Sorath bhi. Which is a Mishr (joining) of Raag Gauri and Raag Sorath. I have heard a tape of the late legend, Bhai Avtar Singh Ji singing this particular combination.
When ascending along the scale – he used the notes and patterns for Raag Gauri, but when descending – he used the notes and patterns for Raag Sorath. It’s quite difficult to handle and requires much training.

Bhi* – pronounced bhee – means “also”.

Back to Raag Megh:
I heard this tune on a pretty old tape of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Gambhir singing the Shabad: “Vin Bolia Sabh Kich Jaanda Kis Aagai Keechai Ardaas?” – it’s not Title Raag though.

I love this tune, especially when playing/singing it and thinking of what the words mean – It’s so relaxing that it gives me goosebumps.

by the way: Megh ,pronounced MAYgh, means Cloud/Clouds. Listening to Raag Megh generally generates a cooling and soothing feeling.

But of course, Ustadji Plays Raag Megh much better than I do.

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Raag Darbari (Mishr) – Simar Mana Raam Naam Chitare

it took several mistakes before it started flowing ..

often heard sung by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jawaddi Kalan Wale .

Mishr Darbari
14 beat

good Practice

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Bhoopali at a World Music Festival

Ajarn* Maiya Singh Ji was invited to play at the “Rhythm of the Earth” world music festival – at Central World , Bangkok – May 2008.

Satpal Singh Ji (Ustadji’s nephew) is on Tabla.
the Thai word for “Teacher”/”Ustad” is Ajarn – pronounced aa-charn

Raag Bhoopali – Tintaal




Kindly excuse my playing – looking back at the video: I think my playing took more away from the music than it did add … oh well – we had zero practice as a group before the event, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about it too much eh?
Ustadji and Satpal Singh were awesome though!
We were initially given 1 hour stage time and were planning to play Raag Yaman. On the day, we were requested to cut it down to 20 mins due to various time constraints. Ustadji wanted to switch to Bhoopali, thinking that it would be easier for an audience unaccustomed to Classical Indian Music to digest and enjoy. my opinion: Good Decision !

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Student Esraj Prototype: Sound Check + Instrument test

An Esraj for students / beginners .
Prototype #2.
Made by a friend.
(#1 is with him)

Sound Check + Instrument test.

actually made for a private conversation btwn the creator and myself , but its here because I haven’t posted in a while.

the tune i’m TRYING to play is Saach Kaho Sun Leho Sabai in Raag Bihag , heard from recordings of Bhai Avtar Singh ji.

other than that it’s not in any coherent raag.

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More of Bhai Gurmit Singh Shant

Recorded at my place , 16th Jan 2008.

I requested him to sing only “Vadde Taal”
He actually told me the names of the Taals later on, but I didn’t write them down and therefore forgot them. If he visits your city – ask him – and let me know ?

Raag Basant – 15 beat .. Meanings: Basant Chariya Phooli Banraee

Raag Dhanasri – 18 beat .. Meanings: Har Charan Sharan Gobind Dukh Bhanjana
Right Click and choose SAVE AS to download the files !


Raag Kaliyaan – 9 beat + Raag Bihagra – Roopak .. Meanings: Nain Mahinje Taras De Pasee Didaar & Ratte Ishq Khudaae Rang Didaar Ke

Malkauns 12 Beat ..


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Raag Maajh

Jamming with Satnam Singh in Singapore

Raag Maajh Alaap

then Changed Seating Arrangements .

Raag Maajh Shabad

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Jamming with Satnam Singh in Singapore

TRYING to accompany Veerji Satnam Singh’s alaap in Raag Kaliyaan / Yaman .

Using Angad Singh’s Esraj.

Taken at Silat Road Gurudwara, Singapore.

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Raag Shankara Bandish

Tune that Ustadji Maiya Singh taught me about 3 years ago for the Shabad: “Khoob Teri Pagri Meethe Tere Bol”

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Mixed Tunes

I suddenly Remembered the Chorus for the song YE HOSLA from the movie Dor.

Lovely tune.

I’ve heard it only 3-4 times before. I never really TRIED to memorize it. It just sort of popped back into my head.

I also tried to fit a Bandish in Raag Tilak Kamod / Desh (not sure which) Set to TeenTaal into Roopak – for fun.

There’s one part in Raag Khamaj or Pahari (? I always get confused) which is supposed to be set to a Fast Kaherva – converted to Roopak.
That part ends with a hint of Bilawal.. It just sort of came out.

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Raag Random

Raag Random – Relaxing Music
Just played what I felt like.

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Controversial Raag

Some people say this is the “Old School Basant” (Since the time Our Gurus about 400-500+ years ago)

Some call it Raag Kaushik / Raag Kaushiki

Others call it Raag Bin Shadja / Bin Kharaj

I dont like to argue. I like to enjoy the music.

Technically: The Mood of my Alaap doesn’t feel quite right, I think I didn’t put enough emphasis on the notes I’m supposed to.- I’m quite happy with the Jor though.

Here’s an Awesome Awesome Awesome Recording of this Raag:

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Rageshri (Mishr?) – Shabad Tune

Tune I heard from Bhai Dilbagh Singh and Gulbagh Singh’s rendition of “Mehrvan Sahib Mehrvan” — lovely composition — Not sure if it’s original or not though.

This is what I remember of it + improvisation:

I was actually trying to record Gorakh Kalyaan (see old posts saying “Rageshri Without Ga”) . But I couldn’t play it the way Ustad Rashid Khan sings it in the recording I have.

So I switched to this instead.

Supposed to be Choti Tintaal &/or Kaherva ..
Was focused on the embellishments etc so didn’t pay attention to timing.

Enjoy ?

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A few of my all-time Favorites

I got these CDs from India some time ago – LOVED them !
I had checked on Amazon some weeks earlier but they didn’t have the CDs in stock. Now they have Mp3s for download.

1) Pandit Jasraj – Miyan Tansen album – get only the Dhrupad Tracks – the alaap tracks are very nice too, but honestly I hardly listen to them because they’re 20-30 mins long.

The tracks include Phakawaj + Tabla + Veena accompaniment. I personally love listening to recordings with Phakawaj accompaniment – they have a very haunting/majestic sound.

* Raag Miyan Ki Sarang Dhrupad –
Tum Rab Tum Saahib

* Raag Rageshri Dhrupad –
Hey Yadunath

* Raag Darbari Dhrupad –
Teri Gati Aati Agadh

* Raag Puriya Dhrupad – Sumiran Hari Ka

2) TANSEN – Whole Album (Various Artists) – Most of the Tracks in this 2 Cd set are excellent. Artists include Ajoy Chakrborty , Nirmalya Dey, Meeta Pandit, and Rashid Khan.


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Jamming with Hargopal Singh: Raag Bhoopali

Taken: Oct 14 2007 . We were at a Family Sammelan at a Country Club Resort about 2.5 Hours from Bangkok.

Great fun ! Hargopal Singh Ji (Malaysia Wale) on Tabla.

Practice notes:
I never used to be able to play this fast. So I’m quite happy with my Improvement.
Will work on accuracy some more.

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Enjoy Something Embarassing

Raag Charukesi : Roopak Taal .
This is the tune for “Har Sajjan Swami Mora” in Maiya Singh Ji’s Cd .

I messed up on tabla quite badly. heheh

Raag Asavari Based Tune : Kaherva

I have trouble timing my Tihais correctly. I’ll work on it ?
I sort of know the theory bit .. Just need lots of practice with execution.

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