Instrumental Music – Esraj, TarShehnai, Tabla


Here’s a little tribute to my favorite recordings of the magnificent, incomparable, Ragi Samund Singh Ji. My little recording is a mish-mash of Raag Bin Shadja with obvious hints of Rag Hameer (but avoiding MA tivar). Some subtle hints of Raga Bilawal also showed up. Aside from in old school Kirtan, Taal Firodust – 14 […]

Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aavey

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s : Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aavey – Esraj Solo Instrumental.

Simar Mana – Bhai Niranjan Singh Jawaddi Kala Wale

Tune from the immensely popular Shabad recording of ” Simar Mana Raam Naam Chitare ” by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jwadi Kala Wale

Raag Darbari , Iktaal

Raag Darbari
Iktaal – 12 beat cycle. Tried getting a big war-drum type effect. I quite like it.

Folksy Tune. Esraj with Snare Drum and Tabla

Tried a recording a folksy type tune. I still need to work out how to get the drums to loop correctly. I’ll get better at this soon.

Raag Bhairavi Attempt

Raag Bhairavi , Jhaptal 10 beat

Shamsheer berehna maang gazab

Classical Song in Raag Hameer.

Indian Classical Music with BeBot on the iPhone

I love this little app for the iPhone. Here’s why: Raag Malkauns – heard from Ustad Bismillah Khan. This same tune is often heard on “Wedding Shehnai” type Cds – (most likely played by Ustad Bismillah Khansahib as well).

3 More Audio Files

Someone asked me to record some audio files for a project – but did not use them. Feel free to download them.

Esraj Instrumental – Album 1 , 2008

Instrumental .mp3 recordings of my Ustad, Maiya Singh ji, on Esraj. Plus some background experimentation by me. The tracks have not been given any fancy made-up names. The names you see below are the names of the Raags (Ragas) used. The suffixes 7bt , 11bt, 10bt indicate the number of beats in the rhythm cycle […]

Free Instrumental Music mp3s

Ustadji Maiya Singh on TarShehnai Jam Session/Lesson Recordings Instrumental Music for Free Download (for Personal Use only) Right Click and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As” to save to your Computer

Music Samples

World Music – Esraj Instrumental Ustadji Maiya Singh on Esraj or TarShehnai & Manav Singh on Tabla The Idea was to create music that feels good to listen to. Sample tracks have been uploaded to our Myspace page.

Classical / Semi-classical Songs from Indian Movies

Tere Liye – from Veer Zara The Song is : Kabhi Na Jaao Chod/Chor Kar – If you can tell me the movie , I’ll update the info. I forgot to ask . Dil Cheez Kya Hai – from the Old Umrao Jaan