Indian Classical Music Lessons Online

Would you be keen on learning “Indian Classical Music Appreciation 101” ?

Maybe you want to understand what’s so great about Classical Kirtan.

And since all our Spritual Guidance is written in various languages, all to music…
Maybe music is the gateway to learn about Sikh history, culture.. even the language and script.

Think about the kids!

Are they connected to the Punjabi culture at all? Can they relate to it? Or are they only dancing to despacito? ( sigh .. yuck )

Do you need to conduct Sunday Class at the Gurudwara?
Want something interesting to share with your young audience?

You know you need to play games with them to entertain and then sneak in a few lessons.

Don’t you want to introduce your young audience to the kind of music that our Spiritual Guidance was written to?
It’s a great way to get them to remember, and then sneak in some history lessons, some vocabulary. (history and spiritual vocabulary not covered in this course)

You could share with them:

What is a Raag?
How do Raags work? What’s interesting about them?
Why are they written in all the Titles, but never used nowadays?

What’s a Taal? How they work.
How Indian Taals can be so much cooler than western music.
The (quite simple) math behind the Taals.

Games to learn Taals.
Games to learn to recognize Raags.

I’m planning a re-do, a brand new production, of the online music lessons.

What’s going to happen is, they’ll be completely redone in up-to-date 2017 quality standards. You, will be able to access the courses on multiple devices.

  • your iPhone
  • your iPad
  • your Apple TV! (4th gen or higher)
  • your Android phone
  • of course as well as the computer via web browser

You’ll be able to go through the lesson on one device, and pick up on another later – right where you left off. All synchronized.

I’d really appreciate some feedback about this:


Learn Online

Online Esraj & Dilruba Lessons



Lessons are provided in the form of online workshops.
Each workshop consists of video demonstrations and text explanations.
Our workshops are compact and designed to teach you specific skills. Practice goals are provided.
Every workshop has a different, but generous, time limit depending on how much content is covered.
The listed cost includes feedback, as needed, for the duration of the workshop.

What kind of Feedback?

*   answers to relevant questions within the scope of the workshop you have purchased access to
*   if required, addition of new video demonstrations or audio explanations to answer relevant questions within the scope of the workshop you have access to
*   you make practice videos and send them in – they will be reviewed and you will be given tips on how to improve and suggestions of what to focus more attention on correcting.
Instructions for putting up private videos (for feedback purposes) are here.

Who will be giving feedback?

*  Manav Singh
*  if Manav is unable to answer then you will get feedback from Ustad Maiya Singh ji.
*  Ustadji will review your practice videos from time to time (irregularly)
* other participants will be able to see your questions, some may wish to help out and offer answers

If your goal is to develop your technique and be able to play fluently like Ustadji, or Manav even ( but hopefully you aim to emulate the Teacher, not the student : ) , then all the workshops will help you.
Of course, there is no obligation: You can learn what you wish, when you wish, if you wish.
Doing the Homework within the workshop’s time limit is your responsibility.
Giving you feedback within the workshop’s time limit is our responsibility.

It is our humble request that you respect our work and effort.     

By Signing up:

*) You agree not to share your username and password with anyone. 1 person per account please.

*) You agree not to download and save any of the video lessons. You agree to watch the video lessons online from the server only

* * ) You are welcome and encouraged to take notes.

* * ) You agree not to attempt to re-post our content on any other website or file-sharing service. You agree not to modify any of our content for redistribution.

*) You agree to keep download-able content from within the protected areas private – for your personal use only.

*) You agree to keep audio or video Recordings of yourself practicing the exercises you learn here private.



How to access the lessons?


1) Register as a “free user”  – you MUST first register as a free user in order for the system  to work properly.  Registration and log-in can be done in the log-in box you see on the right.
2) after log-in, you can access a few free lessons and/or buy a ticket to the workshop of your choice.
3) once Paypal payment clears, you’ll get immediate access to the lesson.
Want a skill assessment before taking any workshop?link a video of yourself playing as a comment on this page – and we’ll get back to you on what may be too easy or where you can start. Do mention your current goals as well.

Want to Change your password?

You can do it from your profile page.
Once that’s done – click on ‘VISIT SITE’ next to the word HARSANGEET towards the top, to come back.

For a List of Available Lessons:

Look through the LESSONS sections on the right



Please note, the intention of these workshops is to give you a basic to intermediate understanding of Indian Classical Music — the way WE have learned from our teachers, and observed from recordings of great artists.

I am myself a student. Ustadji himself says he is still a student and will always be a student. We do not claim to be THE experts or the know-all, final stop for all your answers. There is no 100% right or wrong.
We can do what we can do.
If you want to be able to get a similar result for yourself – you are welcome to learn from what we want to share. But a big component of your learning depends on you actually doing the exercises and being determined until you get it right. We will guide you the best we can.

We can get you to be able to enjoy playing Dilruba/Esraj/TarShehnai/Taus fluently and comfortably. — That is the limit of our promise.

You are encouraged to keep an open mind and be flexible. For example: if you learn something here, and later go to another teacher to further your exploration into music – be open to adjusting or even re-learning what you know. Indian Music has traditionally not been written down; as a result, a lot of different schools have different styles and interpretations of definitions.

Due to the digital nature of the content and service offered, there will be no refunds.

Workshop Costs, Workshop Access Duration, and Workshop Contents may change without prior notice. This is intended as a continuously evolving project.

Workshop flexibility

We are committed to you REALLY getting the workshops you sign up for.
3 Situations to keep in mind:
1) The lesson is too advanced for you .
If you can’t do the exercises at all – we’ll switch you to an easier workshop @ no charge.
2) The lesson is too easy for you.
If you’re a very quick learner and submit a video for review within 2 days – and your technique requires no modification or feedback … we’ll give you access to 1 more workshop to work on @ no charge. (only applies once per paid workshop)
3) You submitted a question or request for feedback within the workshop’s time limit – but we did not answer you on time.
You’ll either get an extension , or will be emailed a response.




  • To massively contribute to increasing the performance standards of Spiritually Charged Music by average people around the world.
  • To make the practical study of Indian Classical Music accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • .


    pronunciation: “Har” is pronounced like the first syllable in the word “Hurry”.    Sangeet is pronounced “Sun””geet” – where geet rhymes with beat.

    “Har” means All or Every. It is a word often used to refer to Universal Energy / God / Source.

    Sangeet means music.

    . is a practical resource for learning Indian Classical Music online, where you can learn to play a stringed instrument in the Dilruba Family : Dilruba, Esraj ( Israj ) , TarShehnai , or Taus

    Fun Fact: Your Ustad Lineage will be Ustad Piara Singh – Bhai Baljeet Singh – Maiya Singh Ji . Which means your technique and style, which is the Gayaki (singing) style of playing, will be built based on theirs.

    Are you on facebook? Join the HarSangeet group.

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