Arungeet Kaur singing Raag Bhairavi

Aruna didi singing Raag Bhairavi at Aunty Tara’s house – March 24 2007

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Arungeet Kaur singing Raag Kaushikdhwani

Aruna Didi singing Raag Kaushikdhwani / Kaushik .
Some scholars say this is the original Raag Basant before the version with Komal Re and Tivar Ma became popular – … but whatever, if you ask 100 people something, you’ll get a 100 different opinions … I dont like to argue, it’s a nice Raag – and sung Very very well. Enjoy .

Classical Music get-together at Aunty Tara’s House – March 24 2005.

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Raag Kirwani

Small “classical music” get-together at Aunty Tara’s house on 24 March 2007.

Maiya Singh (My Teacher) on Tarshehnai
I’m on tabla.

The foil-leaf in the Tarshehnai’s sound box popped so my teacher had to end abruptly.

Btw. this little recording was done with NO practice. – the Get-together WAS the practice.


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tune from SUPER OLD indian movie

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My teacher says Ustad Pyara Singh used to love playing this tune.

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Raag Bhoopali Bandish

Composition in Raag Bhoopali.

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Raag Asa : Shaan + Shabad Tune

One of my favorite tunes. Very very difficult to memorize.
I heard the tune from the Shabad Track: “Gur Kunji Pahu Nival” sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh at least 50-60 times.
Even then I memorized it incorrectly.
So my teacher has played it slowly for me to be able to catch the nuances.

Here’s a modified tune for “Gur Kunji Pahu Nival” (I wanted to sing a different Shabad to this composition) – in Raag Asa. Amazingly Sweet Tune.

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Raag Asa – Shaan

Nice peaceful and happy tune in Raag Asa.

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Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash – Shabad Tune

Tune for Shabad in Raag SHUDH BASANT (According to Gurbani Kirtan Scholars)

Shabad is “Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash” – heard from Bhai Nirmal Singh, Hazoori Ragi of Darbar Sahib Amritsar.

I know the alaap needs work – was kind of random.
And nobody was there to help me stay in beat.
And a few notes are ~off.

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Raag Khamaj – Ustad Bismillah Khan

Ustadji Maiya Singh playing a tune he said he often used for practice when he was younger.

If you noticed: the phone rang towards the end of the recording. ? heheh

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Tar Shehnai / Esraj (Dilruba) – Raag Kalyan

Maiya Singh, My Ustadji, playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan.

Recording was made mainly for practice purposes.

Not bad for someone who just plays this on the spot without any recent practice eh?

The instrument is a Tar Shehnai, which is an Esraj + a horn that produces the sweet, high pitched sound.

An Esraj (similar to Dilruba) is a hybrid Sarangi + Sitar.

If you noticed: I fumbled the taal at one point because I started concentrating on what my teacher was playing, but he adjusted what he was playing to fit my mistake in.

Advanced listeners will notice instantly ?

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Maiya Singh – TarShehnai – Song

Maiya Singh
Testing out a friend’s new TarShehnai. Playing a song in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan/Kalyaan.
The song is : Bhuli Hui Yaadein ( It’s pretty old – 1960s or something )

I’m on tabla.

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Maiya Singh – TarShehnai – Bandish

Maiya Singh
Testing out a friend’s new Tar-Shehnai
Playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan/Kalyaan
The Bandish is called: Pal Pal Mori

What’s a Bandish? It’s a composition / musical piece / tune . Basically the chorus and the verses are somewhat set, and the musician can improvise in between them.

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Bhai Baljeet Singh & Gurmeet Singh Namdhari – Kirtan Program in the UK

Foward to 27:00 mins and ENJOY.
Also Check out 53:30

My opinion: They’re one of the best Ragi Jathas in the world right now. In terms of feeling expressed when singing / musical skill / and just overall style.

My teacher learned Tar-shehnai from Bhai Baljeet Singh.

Bhai Baljeet Singh learned from Ustad Piyara (Pyara) Singh.

Before that – no clue ?
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Dilruba – Raag Bhoopali Alaap

Short Alaap in Raga Bhoopali . practicing .

I love this Raga – always gives out a very happy and light mood.
Oddly enough – If you listen to this old English song : “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – by Bobby McFerrin you’ll notice that it’s basically in Raag Bhoopali (notes used: S R G P D S)

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Dilruba – Raag Kalyan

Me practicing Raag Kalyaan
Short Alaap – and a Shaan (Instrumental Tune) I heard from a recording of Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi.

I find this Raag very peaceful and soothing.

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