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Here’s a little tribute to my favorite recordings of the magnificent, incomparable, Ragi Samund Singh Ji. My little recording is a mish-mash of Raag Bin Shadja with obvious hints of Rag Hameer (but avoiding MA tivar). Some subtle hints of Raga Bilawal also showed up. Aside from in old school Kirtan, Taal Firodust – 14 […]

Simar Mana – Bhai Niranjan Singh Jawaddi Kala Wale

Tune from the immensely popular Shabad recording of ” Simar Mana Raam Naam Chitare ” by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jwadi Kala Wale

Raag Bhairavi Attempt

Raag Bhairavi , Jhaptal 10 beat