RiyazStudio is definitely worth it.

I bought a RiyazStudio license over the weekend.

I think it’s definitely worth it. The best thing is that it feels alive compared to the physical Tanpura and Tabla boxes. The Tanpura sounds very realistic. The Shruti-box type drone helps add to the atmosphere. Tabla accompaniment works great as expected.

It’s a great tool for practice.
Thanks Jackson for pointing it out to me, and Thanks to Jonathan for a very useful product.

I made a couple of recordings:

The warm up – hadn’t practiced this for a while, and just felt like playing it today. The mistakes you hear are due to indecision on my part.
Jamming – Composition for the Shabad, Mouli Dharti Moulia Akaash in Raag Shudh Basant , DeepChandi taal.
Mouli Dharti Moulia Akaash - Manav Jamming (1393)

Second Tune:
Jamming – Tune for the Rajasthani folk song Kesariya Baalam
Kesariya Baalam Jam by Manav (1490)

How I recorded these

I couldn’t record myself on a new track over the digital tabla recording because I don’t have a microphone attached to my computer.
RiyazStudio was playing on my speakers, and I positioned my portable recorder close to my Esraj – you’ll have to turn the volume up quite a bit in order to hear what the software Tabla and Tanpura sound like.

Esraj Instrumental – Album 1 , 2008

Instrumental .mp3 recordings of my Ustad, Maiya Singh ji, on Esraj. Plus some background experimentation by me.

The tracks have not been given any fancy made-up names. The names you see below are the names of the Raags (Ragas) used.

The suffixes 7bt , 11bt, 10bt indicate the number of beats in the rhythm cycle used.

If you’re new to Indian classical music – this album should give you a basic sense of the variety, complexity, spontaneity, and spirituality present. Maiya Singh ji’s playing style is particularly expressive.

I think all the tracks are also great for when you want to focus, relax, or sleep.

My personal favorites are Raag Megh -10 beat & Raag Alhaiya Bilawal – 10 beat.

Download for FREE, then “pay if you wish” and “pay what you please.”


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Esraj Instrumental 1 - 1 - Bhoopali - 7bt (5992)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 2 - Bhimpalasi - 10bt (3295)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 3 - Bhairo Puriya - 14bt (2022)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 4 - Pahari - 14bt (2593)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 5 - Shaam Kalyan - 7bt (2037)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 6 - Bhoopali - 11bt (1970)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 7 - Bhoopali - 16bt (2371)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 8 - Bhoopali - 12bt (2162)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 9 - Megh - 10bt (2336)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 10 - Megh - 16 Bt (2050)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 11 - Charukesi - 7bt (1945)
Esraj Instrumental 1 - 12 - Alhaiya Bilawal - 10bt (2384)

All audio tracks are for personal use only.
If you would like to use any of the tracks or part of the tracks as components in a personal project you are doing – please include a link to This page in your credits.
If you would like to use any or part of the audio tracks in a commercial project – please leave a comment and you will be contacted.

Free Instrumental Music mp3s

Ustadji Maiya Singh on TarShehnai

Jam Session/Lesson Recordings

Instrumental Music for Free Download (for Personal Use only)
Right Click and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As” to save to your Computer

TarShehnai: Raag Bilawal 16beat (1704) TarShehnai: Raag Jhinjoti 7beat (1698) TarShehnai: Raag Maand 8beat Kaherva (1293) TarShehnai: Raag Pahari (1195) TarShehnai: Raag ShaamKalyan 7beat (1309)

So Kim Manas Roop Kahaye – tune

Free Esraj Music MP3

Recording of Me attempting to play the tune for “So Kim Manas Roop Kahaye(right click and choose (SAVE LINK AS))- composition heard sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh / Bhai Gurmeet Singh . This is another one of my all time favorite compositions – Find it and buy it if you don’t have it. The original is AMAZING to listen to.

Raag Alhaiya Bilawal

Taal supposed to be Tintaal – Punjabi Theka – but I’m not exactly playing according to any beat. Was more focused on getting the Expression to match my memory of Bhai Baljeet Singh / Bhai Gurmeet Singh’s version.
I’m pretty sure I can play it in beat too , I’ll just have to record myself playing tabla for 10 mins and play it back while playing Dilruba.

I made a few mistakes here and there , and my ending is clearly the wrong Raag ;) but hey – I’m still sorta happy with it.