Rohanpreet Singh’s Kirtan Program

Rohanpreet Singh was on holiday in Bangkok last week.
I got to accompany him on Esraj for his Kirtan program.

Rohanpreet Singh - TuThakurTumPeiArdaas KaheReBanKhojanJaaee (13727)
Rohanpreet Singh - Tu Prabh Data Daan Mat Poora (1982)
Rohanpreet Singh - Dithe Sabhe Thaav (1825)

You don’t really get an idea of how good his voice is because of the distorted sound in the recordings. The speakers in the Darbar Hall were too loud, and my recorder is too sensitive.
I’ve uploaded one file from the practice session as well so you get a clearer idea of how well he sings. Please note that it’s a very informal session that just happened to be recorded. Bhulla Chuka and Interruptions Di Maaf Karna
Rohanpreet Singh - Practice Session 1 (3934)
Rohanpreet Singh - Practice session - 2 (1803)

Right click the links and choose “SAVE AS” to download to your computer.

I wish God blesses him with fantastic success in his music career, and I hope he continues to happily do Kirtan Seva like he does now.